Custom Rig 1 - The Cube
​This was built for Objective Media Group for use on 'The Cube' the long running ITV prime time game show. The rig is 14M in diameter and supports 96 DSLR stills cameras. They are spaced equally apart with a 220 degree viewport. Each camera records 1 video frame, capturing a moment in time through the 220 degrees. The system is switchable and is capable of providing a sequencial trigger to the DSLRs to capture a segment of time, 2 seconds over 96 frames, which when played back shows a slow motion sequence developing through a 220 degree viewport. With the cameras' ISO set to high sensitivity, extreme clarity of fast moving objects is acheived. In addition to the DSLRs, high definition video cameras are placed adjacent to the first and last camera on the rig providing an intro and outro to the sequence.

'The Cube' Sample Clips

​​​Time freeze & motion capture


Custom Rig 2 - Got To Dance
​This was built for Princess Productions for 'Got To Dance' a Sky 1 prime time show. A 12M diameter circular rig supports 148 DSLR stills cameras covering 270 degrees of action. So 148 single frame images are captured either simultaneously or sequencially recording a time freeze or slow motion sequence through a 270 degree viewport . The system is also flanked by Canon C300 EOS video cameras, capturing the intro and outro of the 3 second sequence. It's designed for live TV, the playback sequence is available 8 seconds from the end of capture including the pre & post sequence. An example can be seen in the clip below

'Got To Dance' Sample Clips

'Got To Dance'  Sample Clips with Intro/Outro

Got To Dance Rig Pics

​Slow motion

One Ten Productions specialises in studio based multi camera slow motion techniques. Our prefered camera is the Ikegami Hi - Motion as this offers dual functions - it's able to shoot slow motion up to 1000fps whilst outputing 1080i/50 for conventional studio use.This keeps the studio floor tidy as there is a reduced number of cameras and operational staff. We employ Photron cameras for speeds in excess of 1000fps

Exploding Melon @ 20,000 FPS

'Reflex' BBC Sample Clip 1

'Reflex' BBC Sample Clip 2


This is our 'expert camera', a video communications device which can be used anywhere by anyone. We supply this to Globelynx, part of the Press Association -  http://www.globelynx.com/ . It supports their huge global network connecting experts from their workplace or home with all the major news networks around the world. The Livebox is in effect a studio in a box. Connections are made over IP using the Globelynx network and the public internet. Sophisticated error correction enables low latency connections, ideal for 2 way conversations with experts in all walks of life. Control of the camera pan, tilt, zoom & focus, plus lighting and audio mixing is carried out remotley from a web GUI at Globelynx HQ. Some companies use the system for inter office communications, taking control of the box themselves. A SIP decoder within the system enables return communications from a broadcasters own comms system. The box needs only to be powered up, it will self connect and can be ready to transmit in minutes. The system can be tripod mounted, pole mounted or simply sit on a desk. ​​

Livebox Pics